Report of the 2001 Texas to Alaska Model T Adventure

Last Revised: November 15, 2003


Sunday, June 24, 2001

Texas to Alaska

Model T Travel Report


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Day 19 - June 24 - The day began early as we lined up for the ferry across to Victoria. The passing was cold and windy. All the dog lovers stayed on deck with the four dogs accompanying our group and the rest of us huddled inside and napped. We were met on the Canadian side by Doc Daniel Buie in his beautiful brass T. As soon as we cleared customs, he lead us through his flower-filled city to our motel and made plans for us to join him and members of their club for "burgers and beer" later that evening. Most of the women caught a bus into the Inner Harbor for shopping and lunch while the men adjusted belts and added shims and other such things. The cookout at Dan and Glen Buie's home was delicious and fun. The Buies have a number of antique cars and a fascinating collection of Ford signs, tools, parts, and advertising. And the use of rusty old car parts as garden ornaments gave Nancy ideas about cleaning out Ben's garage. Afterwards, we stopped by to visit Bob Miller, an 86-year-old antique car enthusiast who had a world-class collection of automobile parts and accessories. All of us were amazed at the quality and variety of his prizes and were impressed at the museum-like presentation. More accurately, he made all of our guys looks like slackers. Nancy, Sue, and Joyce all have immediate plans for Ben, Bill, David, and Ken to get their shops in order when we return home.

624a - Braving the cold wind, Jennifer and Ginger Hardeman and Ross Lilliker stayed outside with Lucky and Taylor. Many of the other passengers recognized the young drivers of the old cars and stopped by to talk and pet the dogs.


624b - Ken and Joyce found an uncomfortable spot and napped their way across the Strait.


624c - The Ts were lined up at Doc Buie's home and stables later that evening. He has a shop, storage building, and garage that made us all envious. He and his wife Glen have horses, numerous garden areas, and a wonderful collection of Ford memorabilia.


624d - A toast to our adventure from Bill Kendall of the Victoria car club at the party at Doc Buie's. We were excited to finally be in Canada and the group that night welcomed us with enthusiasm.

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