Report of the 2001 Texas to Alaska Model T Adventure

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Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Texas to Alaska

Model T Travel Report


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Day 15 - June 20 - Ken, who was still having some minor problems, turned north toward Portland and Bill Smith's garage. The Hardeman girls, Ross Lilliker, David Johnson, and Bill and Sue Capps started the day with a drive around the rim of Crater Lake and then followed the itinerary for Reedsport, OR. The drive to Reedsport was lined with waterfalls and beautiful vistas and Reedsport itself is on the ocean. The sign at the motel read, "Welcome Model Ts". An early arrival allowed this group to explore the beach, check out the lighthouse, and have a great dinner. This is the kind of evening we had planned for the tour and were glad that some of the group were able to take advantage of their destination. Ben and Ken continued working on their cars in Portland, and all four spent the night with the Smiths.


620a - Crater Lake is actually formed within the basin left by the volcano. It is deep and famously blue and breathtakingly beautiful. Ginger Hardeman took tihs photo while touring the area.


620b - The road across Oregon from Crater Lake to Reedsport was filled with deep forests, rolling hills, and fast-moving (and very cold!) mountain streams.


620c - The forests are thick and dark and sliced through by these streams.We were all impressed with the beauty of Oregon and the friendliness of its people. By the way, Oregon law doesn't allow individuals to pump their own gas but most of the attendants let us handle that task once they saw the location of our gas caps. Only one time did the attendant insist on pumping gas and, of course, proceeded to spill gas inside of Ben's car

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