Report of the 2001 Texas to Alaska Model T Adventure

Last Revised: November 15, 2003


Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Texas to Alaska

Model T Travel Report


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Day 8 - June 13 - We started the day on June 13th with an early morning adjustment to the bearing caps on the front main and #1 rod bearings of Ben's Fordor engine. We also straightened out the steering linkage that had been bent in Ginger's attempt at 6-wheeling the afternoon before. (She was pulling a trailer when whe went over the side of the mountain with the '26 Roadster Pickup pulling the trailer. The photos of this adventure were not digital and will be added as soon as we can access a scanner.) When we finally got on the road on the cool morning, it turned out to be rather cold. As we drove into the higher elevations, the temperature dropped to 36 degrees and and we were treated to SNOW in one of the mountain passes we drove through. Mechanically, we all had a rather good day and had no breakdowns that required us to stop travelling. We arrived in Baker, NV again at dusk. It was the first night on the trip that we were together all in the right motel in the right place on the night we were scheduled to be there.


613a - Ross stirs his coffee with a bearing scraper. Not recommended by Martha Stewart but a good thing nonetheless. We made good use of the parking lot of our lovely substitute motel in Kanab, Utah.


613b - Utah was greener than Arizona, which was nice, and we were treated to a different kind of mountain. This is Ginger and Jennifer Hardeman pulling the trailer, followed by Ben.


613c - Ken and Joyce pass by in their 1922 Touring, followed by Bill and Sue Capps, riding with her father, David Johnson in his 1925 Touring. At 78, David is the oldest member of our group and has been driving Model Ts since he was 7 years old.


613d - Ross warms his hands on Jennifer's radiator during a stop on a Utah mountain top. We were surprised by a mid-day snowstorm and temperatures in the mid-thirties.


613e - Snow on the 13th of June! Jennifer had dressed for the cold but was still freezing in her open car. She was still smiling, though, and wishing she could throw a snowball at her dad in his closed car. The Ts handled the snow and made it on over the mountain to drier and warmer ground.


613f - After nearly 100 miles without a town, we rolled into Baker, NV, late in the afternoon. The people were friendly, the food was good, and we were all together in the right place on the same night. Horray! The tour is finally underway like it is supposed to be!

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