Report of the 2001 Texas to Alaska Model T Adventure

Last Revised: November 15, 2003


Monday, June 11, 2001

Texas to Alaska

Model T Travel Report


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Day 6 - June 11 - On day six of our tour we arose at 5:00am to get on the road and catch up with the vangard of the tour at Grand Canyon National Park. What we didn't realize was that the time on the reservation where we were was an hour ahead of the rest of Arizona, so we actually were getting up at 4:00am and arrived in the park at 9:00am. We were finally all together as a group for the first time since we were one block from the starting point. On the afternoon of June 11th, Ross Lilliker, and Ginger, Jennifer, and Ben Hardman all took a helicopter ride to get a "birds eye view" of the very Grand Canyon.


611a - Words can't express the grandeur awaiting us at the Grand Canyon. This view is taken from the helicopter. This viewpoint allows you to see the depth as well as the amazing rock formations.


611b - The Colorado River winds its way through the Grand Canyon and is visible, in part, from many points on the ground. The view from the helicopter allows for a more complete picture.


611c - The colors, the depths, the sculptural qualaity of the rock formations - all combined to create an almost religious feeling in all of us.


611d - This beautiful view is close to the east entrance of the Park and is the first thing that Ross and the Hardemans saw when they entered Grand Canyon National Park. The drive in from the east avoids the congestion from the south through Flagstaff and is a pretty spectacular drive in itself. None of us had ever been to Grand Canyon and suddenly understood why it is a jewel in our country.


611e - While we were photographing this beautiful place, other people were taking pictures of our Model Ts in the parking lot. We were always surrounded by people asking questions and taking pictures.


611f - It is hard to edit these pictures (although we did). As Ross pointed out, the Grand Canyon is one of the highlights of this trip. We wanted you to enjoy some of the beauty that we enjoyed.


611g - The drive to the Park from the reservation is filled with beautiful gorges and ravines. The approach is pretty steep but the road is good and the views dramatic. Our Ts all took with road with no problems and, due to an unexpected time change, we were early enough to miss most vacation traffic.


611h - Ross had never been out of England and had never been on a plane when he boarded the plane in London and flew to Texas. It is fair to say that we would never have seen the Grand Canyon except for his skill as a mechanic and his unfailing spirit of optimism that "we can do this". Like all of us, he was blown away by the majesty of the Grand Canyon.


611j - Ross didn't fly the helicopter but none us of doubted that he could have.


611k - Ben climbed a tree to take this picture of our three Ts in front of a beautiful canyon. It is impossible to find a place that isn't spectacular in this amazing place.

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