Report of the 2001 Texas to Alaska Model T Adventure

Last Revised: November 15, 2003

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Texas to Alaska

Model T Travel Report


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Day 40 - July 15, 2001 - We took pictures in front of the office at Carlo Creek Lodge, had a great breakfast across the street at McKinley Lodge, and started on our way to Fairbanks. We had a short drive (about 120 miles) so we weren't in a big hurry. We were all disappointed not to get to see Denali and, after a week of rain, the day was bright and clear. SOMEBODY would be seeing Denali. About 100 miles up the road, I noticed a mention in Mileposts that the first view of Denali would be seen by southward travelers and turned around. There, in our rear window, was "The Mountain". We were thrilled and immediately stopped to take pictures. While it was very visible to us, the white of the snow blends in with the sky so it is harder to see in the photos. But it was magnificent! Rising over 20,000 feet, it dwarfs everything in sight. The mountains around it are 10,000 to 14,000 feet and they look like foothills. Even from 100 miles, it was incredible!

We arrived in Fairbanks to be met by members of the antique car club. They had their cars, wonderful old cars, out and gave us an impromptu parade through Fairbanks to our motel. They had a garage lined up for any needed adjustments (there are always needed adjustments!) and confirmed plans for a cookout on Friday night when we return from Prudhoe Bay. In addition, we were allowed to store anything we didn't need for the four days to Prudhoe in a garage so we could lighten our load. Cars were prepared, laundry was washed, bags were packed, and, about midnight, we went to bed.

715a - We lined up our cars at the rustic office of the Carlo Creek Lodge. The Lodge is owned by the son of early homesteaders in this part of Alaska. We were surprised to learn that homesteading took place in the late 1950's in this part of the state. While gold miners had been up here at the turn of the century, actual homesteading didn't take place until much later.


715b - Ginger took this sepia picture of Joyce and Ken's car in front of their cabin. We think it would make a nice advertising piece.


715c - Imagine our surprise when a passing truck honked and it turned out to be Bruce and Marl from Anchorage! We pulled off in a rest area to find out what else we had forgotten but they were actually on their way to their cabin above Fairbanks. We were glad to see them and invited them to come along on the trip to Prudhoe Bay. They didn't seem excited at the prospect. "Let's see. Drive our car over 500 miles of rough road or go to our nice cabin in the woods and relax for a week." Tough decision.


715d - Ross's car, in front of Mt. McKinley (Denali) plus 100 miles. The Mountain was wonderful! I wish you could have been there.


715e - While waiting for us on the road to Fairbanks, Ginger shot this pretty seen of fireweed against the mountains. The fireweed is a wildflower and they say that it won't grow in a cultivated garden. But it grows everywhere along the roadways of Alaska and each patch is prettier than the one before.


715f - We were met in Fairbanks by a good group of people from the antique car club. These are not necessarily Model T people, they just love old cars. This pretty Mercedes held a lovely lady visiting her son from Montana. She had lived in San Antonio at one time and said, while she liked San Antonio, she didn't miss the heat.


715g - This car drew a lot of attention from other people at the gas station where we met. What a beauty! The man in this picture did the restoration and, if his son is very, very good, he might get to drive it one day.


715h - Last minute adjustments! Ross in his most usual position, on the ground under a Model T.

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