Report of the 2001 Texas to Alaska Model T Adventure

Last Revised: November 15, 2003

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Texas to Alaska

Model T Travel Report


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Day 68 - August 12, 2001 - This is the day which we added to our tour (as if 70 days isn't enough). Ross and Bruce have never been rafting and have never ridden a horse. It is certainly possible to both in Texas but it is probably more scenic to do it in Colorado. And we don't have any rivers with 1000 foot walls to pass through. Ben and Nancy passed on the horse riding (been there, had the sore behind) but Ben joined them on the rafting expedition. (Nancy spent the day visiting with her family although she has bravely rafted the Royal Gorge in the past.) The rafting was great fun and we have a wonderful picture but don't have a way to scan it into the website until we get home. All of them are paddling like crazy and look like drowned rats.

Speaking of rats . . . Jennifer and Ginger had an interesting night last night when they got back to their room after dinner and noticed a rather unpleasant odor. They checked for doggie errors but couldn't find anything that would be causing the smell. As the night wore on, it became worse and the motel management, after several calls, gave them keys to a small rental house owned by the motel owner and let them move there for the night. In the morning, the maintenance staff found the dead and disintegrating mouse in a hole in the wall under the sink. It made for some dramatic breakfast conversation.

It was a wonderful relaxing day and a good break before we start the run for home. We leave for Garden City, KS, in the morning, a drive of nearly 270 miles. That is a much longer day than we usually take but the country will be pretty flat. We have changed our travel plans for the trip home so won't make a final decision about Tuesday night until we see how we do tomorrow. Wish us luck!

812a - We'll make a Texan out of him yet! Ross says that riding a horse is easier than driving a Model T but not quite as comfortable.


812b - Jennifer, Ginger, and Ross look like they belong on horseback but have a variety of sore parts after riding for 1-1/2 hours.


812c - Bruce says he feels like he was cheated: he paid for a horseback ride but was given a mule. From his viewpoint, though, it looked pretty much like a horse with long ears.


812d - On the way back to the motel, they drove up Skyline Drive, a winding one-way road that passes high over the ridges surrounding the city. There are some dramatic views from way up there and Ross makes a dramatic view of his own as he passes over the crest of a hill.


812e - As if they hadn't driven over enough mountain roads, Jennifer and Ginger enjoyed the drive in the pick-up high above the city of Canon City.


812f - Driving off into the sunset on what should be the last mountain of the trip.

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